About Us

Fosaw is a technology insight and consulting corporation established in 2012, in New York, USA. Our mission is to utilize Design and Smart Technology to create innovative solutions and products to enrich society at large. 

Fosaw works closely with our clients as a strategic partner to achieve sustainable growth and contribute to their core business. Our partnerships with organizations provide us with an intelligible overview of the innovation market, which enables us to react to new developments and changes in market competition.

Our core competency lies in information and communication technologies (ICT) and service design innovation. We offer professional services for global technology and innovation scouting to assist organizations in finding the right technology companies to partner with or invest in.

You are with good companies using the same solution

With our design technology and concept, we collaborate with partners to develop marketplaces where individual technologies emerge from silos to work together to create a collaborative and interactive environment. Our focus on product innovation and smart technologies has earned us recognition, and we offer customers quality end-to-end digital experiences through our ecosystem, applications, and services.

As technology continues to become a more integrated part of daily life, we aim to build smart spaces where humans and technology-enabled systems interact in increasingly open, connected, coordinated, and intelligent ecosystems. This will lead to an accelerated delivery of smart spaces and further enrich society.