Potable Water Systems : water innovation

 – May 17, 2019
References: pubs.acs.org & globalcitizen.org

A new paper has announced a “radical” water innovation to provide humans clean drinking water. This is especially crucial as it’s predicted that in the next 50 years, more than half of the world’s population could be facing water shortages due to climate change and pollution.

A process called “temperature swing solvent extraction” (TSSE) was created by researchers at Columbia University which turns salt water into freshwater. This water innovation is both economical and effective, and can even clean toxins. The process involves using briny water, a special solvent, and a low-heated bath. According to the researchers, this combination removes up to 98.4% of salt which meets the industrial efficacy rate of reverse osmosis. TSSE may very well revolutionize the way we access drinking water and help prevent future water shortages.

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